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kwi 29 2005 "BRAZIL" Terry Gillam - Wszyscy razem w tym...
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To jeden z najlepszych filmow jakie kiedykolwiek widzialam. I nie mowie o formie czy o czesci rozrywkowej, ale o tym co on mowi.


Sam pracuje dla Ministerstwa Informacji, ogromnej biurokracji, I ucieka w fantazje przed przyszlosciowa-rzeczywistoscia. Pewnego dnia spotyka dziewczyne z jego snu I dla milosci do niej rezygnuje z bezpieczenstwa.


Jest tam duzo podobienstw do 1984 Orwella, ale wydaje sie to byc krytycyzm faszyzmu zamiast marksismu. Mimo ze film rozpoczyna sie napisem “gdzies w dwudziestym wieku” (film byl zrobiony w 1986) sceneria jest bardzo przyszlosciowa I razem z tytulem daja wrazenie ze moze sie to dziac gdziekolwiek i kiedykolwiek. Gilliam komentuje, ze jego krytycyzm jest skierowany przeciwko amerykanskiej dystopii komercyjnej, ktora “bombarduje ciebie marzeniami I pozbawia ciebie twoich wlasnych”


Telewizja zrzuca wine za przemoc kultury na niewidocznych terrorystow – brzmi znajomo?




That’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen. And I’m not talking about the form or entertaining part, the great is what it says.


Sam works for Ministry of Information, a huge bureaucracy, and uses fantasy to escaped future-reality. One day he meets a girl from his dreams and undermines his safety for love of her.


There are many similarities with Orwell’s 1984, yet it seems to be a criticism of fascism instead of Marxism. Although the opening says ‘somewhere in the 20th century’ (film was made in 1986) the setting is very futuristic which together with the title gives an impression as if it was to happen everywhere and anytime. Gillian comments that his criticism is aimed at American commercial dystopia, which “bombards you with dreams and deprives you of your own"


Television still blames the violence of the culture on unseen terrorists – sounds familiar?



Budynek Centrum - reprodukcja faszystowskiej architektury z lat 30tych.

Building of the Centre – reproduction of fascist architecture from 30s.





                I hereby inform you under powers

               entrusted to me under Section 47,

               Paragraph 7 of Council Order Number

               438476, that Mr Buttle, Archibald,

               residing at 412 North Tower, Shangri

               La Towers, has been invited to assist

               the Ministry of Information with

               certain enquiries, the nature of

               which may be ascertained on

               completion of application form

               BZ/ST/486/C fourteen days within this

               date, and that he is liable to

               certain obligations as specified in

               Council Order 173497, including

               financial restitutions which may or

               may not be incurred if Information

               Retrieval procedures beyond those

               incorporated in Article 7 subsections

               8, 10 & 32 are required to elicit

               information leading to permanent

               arrest - notification of which will

               he served with the time period of 5

               working days as stipulated by law. In

               that instance the detainee will be

               debited without further notice

               through central banking procedures

               without prejudice until and unless at

               such a time when re-imbursement

               procedures may be instituted by you

               or third parties on completion of a

               re-imbursement form RB/CZ/907/X ...


- I want to report a wrongful arrest.

- You want Information Adjustments. Different department.

- I've been to Information Adjustments. They sent me here. They told me you had a form I had to fill in.

- Have you got an Arrest Receipt?

- Yes.

- Is it stamped?

- Stamped?

- No, there's no stamp on it. You see! I can't give you the form until it's stamped.

- Where do I get it stamped?

- Information Adjustments



Have you got a 27B/6?




Yes ... No ... send that back ...

               wrong department ... of course ... of

               course not ... yes ... no ... maybe.


... cancel that ... okay ... put half

               as terrorists, the rest as victims

               ... yes ... yes ... no ... definitely

               no ...


no, cancel that ... glad to have

               you aboard ... yes ... no ... don't

               be ridiculous Jenkins ... Yes, yes,

               yes ... you'll like it up here ...

               send that back ... we've got a crack

               team of ... are they kidding? ...

               decision makers ... No, in triplicate

               ... I'm expecting big things ... two

               copies to Finance ... of you ... send

               that to Security ... uh, uh, uh.

                    (poring over forms)

               Uh, don't let Progress see this ...

               between you and me, Lowry, this ...

               no, no ... department ... tell

               Records to get stuffed ... is about

               to be upgraded and ...


Getting younger - plastic surgery.



Miesko!!! / Fleshy!!! 



Ci ktorzy sprzeciwiaja sie systemowi beda 'deleted'

Those who fight against the system will be deleted.



Only dreams….

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kwi 27 2005 "Love and Its Disintegration in Contemporary...
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[...] One of the most significant expressions of love, and especially of marriage with this alienated structure, is the idea of "team". In any number of articles on happy marriage, the ideal described is that of the smoothly functioning team. This description is not too different from the idea of a smoothly functioning employee; he should be "reasonably independent," co-operative, tolerant, and at the same time ambitious and aggressive. Thus, the marriage counselor tells us, the husband should "understand" his wife and be helpful. He should comment favorably on her new dress, and on a tasty dish. She, in turn, should understand when he comes home tired and disgruntled, she should listen attentively when he talks about his business troubles, should not be angry but understanding when he forgets her birthday. All this kind of relationship amounts to is the well-oiled relationship between two persons who remain strangers all their lives, who never arrive at a "central relationship", but who treat each other with courtesy and who attempt to make each other feel better..

In this concept of love and marriage, the main emphasis is on finding a refuge from otherwise unbearable sense of aloneness. In "love" one has found, at last, a heaven from aloneness. One forms an alliance of two against the world, and this egoism a deux is mistaken for love and intimacy.[...]


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kwi 25 2005 Tanczac / Dancing
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 Konkurs Tanca Towarzyskiego I Latynowskiego w sobote wieczorem byl tak niesamowity ze nie mam pojecia jak wyrazic jak fantastyczny byl. Zostal rozpoczety przez rosyjska pare prawie unoszaca sie w powietrzu do rytmu walca,  po nich byly pokazy wszyskiego od tancow nowoczesnych, czaczy do tanga I fokstrota. Aaaaaa!!! Bylo super!!!

Zainspirowani pokazem spedzilismy noc tanczac w pubie w Lai Kwan Fung (dzielnicy zycia nocnego) i tanczac tango na pustych korytarzach akademika w srodku nocy.


Przedstawienia takie jak to daja tak duzo wrazen estetycznych, sprawiaja ze serce szybciej bije i w pewnym sensie pozwalaja dostrzec wiecej piekna w zyciu.




The Ballroom and Latin Dance competition on Saturday evening was incredible and I've no idea how to describe how fantastic it was. The show started with a Russian couple almost floating in the air to the rhythm of Waltz. They were followed by other couples dancing everything from modern dances, cha cha cha to tango and foxtrots. Aaaaaaaa!!! It was so great!

Afterwards, inspired by the show, we spent the night dancing in a bar in Lai Kwai Fung (nightlife district) and dancing tango on empty corridors of the hall in the middle of the night.


Performances like that give so many esthetical feelings, make heart beat faster and  help to notice some more beauty in life.


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kwi 14 2005 "2046" Wong Kar-wai
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Samotny pisarz, Chow, przenosi sie do Hong Kongu gdzie ma liczne romanse z kobietami I caly czas nie moze zapomniec Sue – kobiety z jego przeszlosci ( nie zgodzila sie aby z nim wyjechac). W Singapurze poznaje inna Sue, ktora przypomina mu o tej pierwszej; podaza za nia w rozne miejsca az w koncu ona leczy go z jego iluzji. Chow przenosi sie do Hong Kongu, tam chce wynajac pokoj 2046 (w pokoju o takim samym numerze spedzil swoje dni z Sue). Ten pokoj jest zajety przez prostytutke, z ktora Chow ma w koncu romans.

Jest jeszcze corka wlasciciela hotelu I jej japonski chlopak nalegajacy aby ona z nim wyjechala mimo braku zgody jej ojca…


Chow pisze ksiazke zatytulowana 2046.

“Jest pisarzem, myslal ze pisal o przyszlosci ale w rzeczywistosci to byla przeszlosc. W jego powiesci tajemniczy pociag wyjerzdza raz na jakis czas w kierunku 2046”


“Kazdy kto idzie do 2046 ma takie same intencje -

odnalezc stracone wspomnienia

bo w 2046 nic sie nigdy nie zmienia

Nikt nie moze byc pewien ze to prawda

Bo nikt kto tam sie tam kiedykolwiek wybral…

…. Nie wrocil

oprocz mnie

bo ja potrzebuje sie zmienic”


To jest piekny film (kontynuacja “In the Mood for Love”), czasem nie wiadomo o co w tym wszystkim chodzi, ale naprawde duzo sie tam dzieje. Wzielam go bardzo osobiscie, jak na pewno wiele ludzi – tak mysle.

“Tutaj jest potrzeba kazdego z nas aby miec miejsce aby ukryc albo przechowac pewne wspomnienia, mysli, impulse, nadzieje I marzenia,” mowi Wong Kar-wai. “One sa czescia naszego zycia ktorych nie mozemy rozwiazac albo zmieniac, ale w tym momencie, boimy sie je wyrzucic za burte. Dla niektorych to jest fizyczne miejsce; dla innych, przestrzen psychiczna, a dla niewielu to rzadne z tych.”






A lonely writer, Chow, moves to Hong Kong where he has love affairs with numerous women and cannot forget Sue – the woman from his past (she has refused to leave with him). In Singapore he meets a different Sue who reminds him of the previous one; he follows her everywhere but she finally cures him from his self-illusion. He moves to Hong Kong where he wants to rent a room numbered 2046 (in the same room number he spent his days with Sue). This room is occupied by a prostitute, with whom Chow finally has an affair.

There is also a daughter of the hotel owner and her Japanese boyfriend insisting that she left with him even though her father does not agree…


Chow is writing a book titled 2046.

He was a writer, He thought he wrote about the future but it really was the past. In his novel, a mysterious train left for 2046 every once in a while.


“Everyone who goes to 2046 has the same intention -
To recapture their lost memories
Because in 2046, nothing ever changes
Nobody can be sure that this is true
Because nobody who goes there ...
.. has ever come back
Except for me
Because I do need to change.”


It’s a beautiful film (a sequel to “In the Mood for Love”), sometimes a bit confusing, but a lot is going on there. I took it very personally, as many people would – I think.

“Here is a need in all of us to have a place to hide or store certain memories, thoughts, impulses, hopes and dreams," says Wong Kar-wai. "These are the parts of our lives that we can't resolve or act upon, but at the time, we are afraid to jettison them. For some, this is a physical place; for others, it is a mental space, and for a few it is neither."


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kwi 12 2005 Zniszczmy swiat w imie interesu narodowego!...
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